Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hi all,

Greetings from Aik Hoe, Co-Producer of Cashless;)

1st of June may be the beginning of a month of holidays for some, a month of travel for a few, but also a month where we, the filmmakers of Cashless bring our project to another platform, which is well, the Internet! From here, we'll try to share with you (yes, you, the one sipping coffee trying to stalk this page, refreshing every 5 minutes), as much as possible, our experiences on how Cashless was made (is made? in the making? urhh......)

This is also a platform where we can communicate with our wonderful talents and crew so we can keep in contact even after production (so far sighted ey... haha). Or even post details on when Cashless will be screened! (o.O) Alrights, 'nuff said, I'll pass the page now to Melinda, our Co-Director/Co-Producer on some first thoughts..

Oh yeah, I'll also be uploading/posting photos as I get them, so feel free to drop me an email if you have some photos you'd want to share :) I'll soon be hotlinking this page to a gallery where all can upload their photos as well as redesign some layout stuff, hopefully when I feel inspired to... (or let Art Director do? :P)

And so, see you all on the next production day!!

Have fun!

Seah Aik Hoe
nuSTUDIOS Film Productions
Centre For the Arts
National University of Singapore

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