Sunday, September 7, 2008

We've got mail!!

Hi everyone! Apologies for the long absence on the blog! Aik Hoe and I have started on our new jobs and Derek has just started his last semester at school! We've been kept busy with all that activity and of course, with post-production! :)

We received some really nice letters and emails from some of you and I just thought I should share them here so more of you can read it!

A bit belatedly, (but better late than never I always say :p), here they are:

1) A card from Danny, addressed to "The 'CASHLESS' Team" at nuSTUDIOS. (dated July)
I dunno about the rest, but I'm always very very very thrilled to receive letters, esp of the postal variety, and I like it best, when like this, it comes as a pleasant surprise. Our manager passed the mail to us (mail takes a long time to reach us at the basement btw) and Derek, Jian and I (we were somehow all at studios room that day), read it together. I quote:

"Dear Melinda, Derek, Jian, Aik Hoe & Everyone (Production Crew),
It was really good seeing most of you at the wrap party!
Once again, thank you for all the beautiful memories we had created filming Cashless. One of the best times of my life!
Continue to keep your passion going in filmmaking and I wish each and everyone of you nothing but the best!! You guys have been good to me. Truly blessed.
Thank you, always.

Always, Danny Jow (Leslie), 2008"

2) An email from Prakasam!! (dated 8 Aug) All the way from India! He is pursuing his passion in film-making back home and I am excited to hear updates!

Hi Melinda,

I am quite settled in India; in this city called Mumbai, which is the film city of India.

How are you guys doing? And howz 'Cashless' coming up?

Look forward to hearing from you.



Yay! Keep the letters and comments coming! It's so nice to hear from you and keep in touch! :)


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