Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snapshots from the Private Screening

Some of the crew!

A little belatedly, here's a quick recap of what happened on screening day. :)
Photo credits to Shing Kae.

I think this was me welcoming the cast, crew & guests!

Giving feedback about the film! 

And thanks to Liuhang who supplied the champagne and cups, we even had a short toasting session after the screening (outside the museum premises of course!)

Overall, was really happy to meet with some of the cast and crew again, and for them to view the completed product and hear their comments about it. Unfortunately, there were quite a few cast and crew members who were unable to be there with us that day. You were missed! Hopefully we'll be able to get the whole lot of cast and crew the next time we have a gathering so that we can have a real catch-up session with loads of photos together to boot! 

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