Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 3 of Shoot (3 June 2008)

Brief update: We were back on our third day of shoot yesterday after a short break from filming! It was nice to see the familiar faces of cast and crew on set again as well as some new faces among our crew. We also had a surprise visitor on set - Yi Eng! (who brought us cookies and helped with conti!)

We managed to get all the shots we wanted and best of all, we managed to wrap shoot 15 minutes before schedule! Yay! Good job everyone! =)

Stay tuned for photos for Day 3 while we get ready for Day 4 today!



BK Bugger said...

Yeah! Wrap early and the shots look good too!

And eh how come I didn't get to eat any cookies ah.

vryn said...

Lol hhahah cos you lousy :P

xuejin said...

Ohh yi eng bought the cookies.. hhaha i thought was brother danny.

Thanks yi eng! the cookies was addictive.